Building Blocks Essentials: The How-To’s and Why’s of SOC Security Analysis (08:30 – 11:15 AM) with Kerry Hazelton @therantinggeek

There’s a lot of good information on how to get started in the field of security analysis; but for someone just starting out or is looking to make the transition into the industry, getting his or her feet wet can be rather unnerving (if not downright overwhelming) if they don’t quite fully understand where to begin, how to use the tools in an efficient manner, how to tear apart a packet capture file or comb through an OS image, or why it’s important to adhere to the various industry standards and federal policies.  This three-hour training workshop will teach newcomers to the field the essentials of security analysis, and will challenge students to truly think “outside of the box”, to be creative and develop innovative solutions when handling a security incident.


Malware Analysis 101 (11:30 AM – 2:15 PM) with Jeremy Conway @cj3r3my and Nik Stinson from MAD Security @MADSecInc

This malicious code 101 workshop will focus network attack investigations and analysis. Investigating network attacks requires skills beyond interpreting log files and analyzing alarms generated by cyber security products.  Come join us in an interactive and collaborative session focused on investigating and analyzing network based attacks.  This session is designed to introduce participants into the world of network forensic analysis and discerning attack techniques and sequences using nothing but network captures or traces.  There is nothing super fancy required for this session other than bringing your laptop, your favorite network analysis tools such as Wireshark, and a ready to have some fun while learning and collaborating attitude.


Forensics 101 (2:30 PM – 5:00 PM) with Marcelle Lee @marcelle_fsg and Brian Moran @brianjmoran and Courtney Lancaster @LinkedIn

Interested in the field of digital forensics?  Learn how to analyze physical media, network captures, and memory dumps using open-source tools. Examine various forensics artifacts on different operating systems.  See how incident response and malware analysis augment this field.  Explore careers in the industry.


Cyber Hunt Challenge – Develop and Test your Threat Hunting skills (1:20 PM – 230 PM)  with Darryl Taylor from LogicHub @logichubhq

Test your cyber security skills against your peers. Join this free Cyber Hunt Challenge and compete to win an Apple Watch
Hosted by LogicHub, attendees will be provided access to a lab environment outfitted with the latest software tools to detect threats at scale. The individual that accurately uncovers the most attacks across five datasets will win the Apple Watch.

The winner is the individual who:

  • Uncovers the largest number of real attacks
  • Minus the total number of false positives identified as attacks
  • Within the allotted 24-hour challenge period after the workshop (in the case of a tie… whoever finishes first will be named the winner)

This workshop is led by industry veteran Darryl Taylor who has 15+ years of experience in security analytics and threat detection. He has been hunting bad guys since 1994 as a US Army pilot flying OH-58 Kiowa helicopters. He led the development of the Army Research Lab’s SIEM software and led the Army Reserve Cyber Analysts who hunted with it. As a civilian he has worked at Dell Secure works, Apple and Deloitte in security research, architect and leadership roles.