DialedIn is the first-ever pinball machine to feature Bluetooth connectivity, a camera, and additional player capabilities through your smart phone. The game is the most technologically advanced pinball game on the market today! As a competitive pinball player and hobbyist pinball operator, I have been wondering whether the game and the app is secure? Can you help me to find the answer?


  1. Have Fun, Play Pinball and please don’t brick the machine! Our primary goal is to bring fun games to BSIDES NOVA!
  2. Responsible Disclosure: If you find something interesting, we will help you disclose the
    details to the vendor and the programmers
  3. Don’t pick the locks on this game! If you want to pick locks visit the lockpick village!

UPDATE: We are bringing back this challenge for 2022 since the only vulnerability that was discovered and exploited was identified by a member of the CORE organizers that had a slight advantage.

Several top pinball manufacturers are currently deploying always- on wi-fi connected platforms for several use cases. We plan to look at these in near future!