Your team will face off against 6 other teams. The objective is simple, compromise the other teams systems while also trying to protect your systems from the opposing teams and gain the highest number of points. This competition will challenge your critical thinking and technical abilities in a wide variety of cyber domains. Members on your team will be actively attacking other teams to obtain points while other members on your team will be defending your systems from the other teams. There will be a variety of ways your team can earn points –low privilege access, privilege escalation, forensics, etc. Specific instructions and rules will be provided.



You will need a maximum of 8 members on your team. Build a team, if you don’t know anyone then you will be placed in a team based on your skills and technical background. Each team member interested in participating will need to bring a laptop with an Ethernet port. If you don’t have an Ethernet port then you will need to bring an USB to Ethernet adapter. Your laptop will also need to have sufficient free storage space and memory. Team members can choose any operating system as their base OS to conduct offensive activities against other teams, but please ensure that you have all the tools you need – you will need to actively hack live systems to gain points. For example, Kali is a good choice as a base OS. You will need administrative access over your computer or be able to boot from a Live-DVD/USB. If you bring a Mac, please ensure that you have another OS in a virtual machine to use as your attacking system. A successful team will have members with varying background in areas such as systems administration, computer forensics, penetration testing, networking, programming, vulnerability analysis, incident response, reverse engineering, systems engineering, web development, etc. Each team will need to be comfortable with both Windows and Linux. In preparation for the CTF, there will be a meeting session for team members a week before the event.

CTF Coordinator: Hamza Sirag @BeltwayHackers