Cyvant’s Cyber Career Corner

10am – 5pm Saturday

Have you found it hard to break into the cybersecurity industry? Well, CYVANT’s Cyber Career Corner will be at BSIDES NoVA to help you break down those obstacles.

I built my company CYVANT to change the way people think about recruiting and I want to help you with all the knowledge that I have. And not only will you have access to my knowledge but you will also have access to cyber SME’s that I have personally invited to be there to help you as well! There will be red teamers, blue teamers, recruiters and CEO’s there to help you achieve your optimal career! This is a unique opportunity to have one-on-one time with well-respected industry leaders.

To secure your spot, sign-up for a time slot at the link below.

Bring questions, bring resumes, bring donuts and coffee or just bring yourself for a chat and a guaranteed great time!

Bob Weiss
(Director and Principal Security Engineer at War Collar)

Bob Weiss is a Principal Security Engineer and Director for WarCollar Industries, LLC and is a senior Def Con Goon. He supports the U.S Government as a penetration tester. He is a long-time member of NoVaHackers and Unallocated Space. He specializes in cryptanalysis and has spoken numerous times on crypto topics.

Steve Helfen
(Director of Engineering, Cybersecurity MSP at ECS)

Steve Helfen, CISSP, is the Director of Engineering for the Commercial Cybersecurity Managed Services Practice at ECS and leads the day-to-day SOC operations. Steve has worked at big companies and start-ups covering software, network, and systems engineering and security operations programs in the telecommunications and security industries. He does a lot more hacking of paperwork and meetings than when he attended his first security conference (DEF CON 17) but he still manages to find a command line interface once in a while.

James Dieteman
(Director of Analysis at ECS)

James Dieteman is the Director of Analysis for a small security analyst team working for the ECS commercial MSP offering. He works hand in hand with the director of the engineering team to deliver start to finish to security solutions for companies of all sizes, from the small, local credit union, all the way up to multinational hotels and manufacturers.

Matthew Maley
(Red Team Practice Director at Cylance)

Matt Maley is a technology nerd who has spent his career building teams and offering an attacker’s viewpoint to commercial and public organizations of all shapes and sizes. Matt has spent time engineering security solutions, slogging through networks, picking apart applications, and currently leads the Red Team practice within the Professional Services team at Cylance. As Red Team Practice Director, Matt manages the technical development and delivery of offensive services with a focus on good fundamentals and an eye towards what’s next for the industry. Matt was previously a lead at ATD, Director at Gotham Digital Science, and Blackhat trainer who holds a B.S. degree from Penn State University and OSCP certification.

Brandon Walker
(Talent Acquisition Specialist at Schellman & Company, LLC.)

Former meathead (still kind of) turned cybersecurity recruiting pro! A little bit about me… I started out training athletes that competed in some of the highest levels of sports we have in our country. I soon noticed that I had the ability to build rapport and creating long-lasting relationships with people. Fast forwarded about six years and now I am using that ability to find the top security talent for Schellman & Company!

Mike Thompson
(Founder / Advanced Persistent Technical Recruiter (APT-R) at CYVANT)

Mike is the Founder and Advanced Persistent Technical Recruiter (APT-R) at CYVANT (pronounced saˈvɑnt), a boutique firm that specializes in recruiting cybersecurity professionals and mission is to change the way people think about recruiting. You can catch Mike hanging at CTF’s at conferences like ShmooCon, DefCon, BSIDES, and ThotCon which makes him not your average recruiter.