Panel 1 | Local Community Cyber Groups in NoVA 


Jeremy Duncan, IPv6 Architect, Managing Partner Tachyon Dynamics, Inc @nacnud @TachyonDynamics – MODERATOR

Jeremy has spent over 15 years working in enterprise IT doing next generation technology deployments like IPv6, advanced networking, and open source solutions.  He participates regularly with the North American IPv6 Task Force; often speaking at the North American IPv6 Summits each year.  Jeremy spent 11 years in the U.S Marine Corps deploying to Iraq twice during Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 and 2 as a Communications and Information Systems Officer.  Jeremy has worked in the DoD with a wide range of information security, network engineering, and network architecture experiences with the Pentagon JSP, DISA, DLA, JITC, DTRA, and DTIC.  He currently leads up Tachyon Dynamics’ DoD UC APL and IPv6 training and engineering portfolios. He has a Masters of Science in Information Systems and is married with two wonderful children


Chris Gates, C0-Founder of NoVAHackers @carnal0wnage @novahackers

Chris Gates has extensive experience in network and web application penetration testing, Red Teaming and Purple Teaming. Gates is currently learning to be a part-time fixer instead of full-time breaker. In the past he has spoken at the United States Military Academy, Black Hat, DefCon, Toorcon, Brucon, Troopers, SOURCE Boston, Derbycon, LasCon, HashDays, HackCon, Bsides ATL, IT Defense, OWASP AppSec DC and Devops Days. Gates is also a Co-Founder of NoVAHackers


Tyrone E. Wilson, Founder of DC Cyber Warriors @tywilson21 @DCCyberWarriors 

Tyrone E. Wilson is an Information Security professional with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology. Wilson also has extensive knowledge in computer network defense, cyber threat analysis and incident response. As an information systems analyst for the Army, Wilson developed security structures to ensure American intelligence systems were protected from foreign threats. Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Cover6 Solutions, LLC; which assesses and teaches companies and professionals various aspects of information security, penetration testing, and IPv6. Wilson is also the organizer of several Cybersecurity Meetup groups, with the most popular being a 3600+ person group based out of Virginia called The D.C. Cyber Security Professionals. Founded in 2012, the group’s dedication to providing networking opportunities, informative discussions and educational sessions on all things cyber, has allowed the group to grow strong while providing a real benefit to the cyber community. Lastly, Wilson is also a Co-Founder and the Director of Information Security & Education for HackEd, a company that provides free hands-on cybersecurity training to aspiring information security professionals.


Candan BÖLÜKBAS, Co-Founder of NormShield Information Security & Consulting Inc. @candanbolukbas @NormShield

Candan Bolukbas is digital polymath and Certified Ethical Hacker. Candan fully appreciates the growing threat to digital communications and data accumulation which affects all of us.  He is co-founder and chief technology officer for NormShield, Inc., a McLean-based “security-as-a-service solutions” company.  Candan and NormShield’s primary focus is on cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management and perimeter monitoring. Candan is responsible for the technical direction and innovation of NormShield products. Besides being a certified Ethical Hacker, he is a certified secure programmer, certified incident handler and a certified computer hacking forensic investigator. He has more than ten years of experience working with data protection and information security standards and technologies including business continuity, data-loss protection, data privacy, disaster recovery, encryption, enterprise architecture, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, penetration testing, physical security, security event management and vulnerability scanning. Candan has a BS degree in Computer Engineering and he has been developing security products, performing penetration testing & forensic analysis, and providing cyber security training. Certifications: CCNA, CCNP, CHFI, ECSP, MCSA, ECIH, CEH, LPT. Candan worked for both public and private sectors for many years and strong supporter of human rights, freedom and privacy.


Mari Galloway, WSC Director of Finance and Communication @marigalloway @WomenCyberjutsu

Mari Galloway is the Director of Finance & Communications for the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC), one of the fastest growing nonprofits dedicated to women in cybersecurity.  WSC provides women with the resources and support required to enter and advance as a cybersecurity professional. Mari began her cyber career with Accenture where she excelled as a Network Engineer.  With over 9 years of Information Technology, 8 of which are in cybersecurity, her experience spans network design, risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, incident response and policy development across government and commercial industries. She holds a variety of technical and management certifications as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Columbus State University and a Master of Science in Information Systems. Outside of being a geek, Mari enjoys arts, puzzles, and legos!


Anne Sadler, Treasurer of the Board, Information Security Society (iss.us) | @HackerWomen

Anne’s technical background is within the field of physical security, where she supports a small team on the west coast perform bug sweeps (TSCM) to a select class of clientele. She found Hacker Women through the local to Alexandria, VA TSCM conference held by Espionage Research Institute International(erii.org), where Hacker Women hosted an Agent Carter themed lockpicking speakeasy mixer. Anne demonstrated passion, leadership, and dedication to her curiousity for cybersecurity and hacker tradecraft, and quickly became a key contributor in her role as a mentee in the ISS Hacker Women team. At DEFCON 24, her habitual punctuality, willingness to engage long hours, and her knowledge of radio signal detection and triangulation supported Hacker Women to win 3rd place in the highly esteemed DEFCON contest “WiFi Sheep Hunt” hosted by Packet Hacking Village and Aries Security. Anne will bring to the panel insights from her enduring quest for self-taught technical knowledge, and an important message to women of all walks on the power of teaming together to learn and teach, to make noise, and to win recognition in global, community-driven cyberdefense competitive circuits! Founded in 2013, Information Security Society co-developed and hosted the Capitol Hill Capture the Flag (CTF) Tournament in an effort to provide a provocative current events themed virtual interactive arena, and to drive trust and intelligence community recruitment in collaboration with hackerspaces and colleges all over the US. The Hacker Women Division was founded in 2014 to expand the ISS mission to impact and benefit women’s participation in collegial cyberdefense competitions and CTF circuits. To learn more about joining our team, or how to build your own, look for us at the BSides NoVA Capture The Flag and DEFCON 25!


Panel 2 | Parlaying Education and Experience into an Infosec Career


Forgotten SecSOC Trainer/Consultant at Forgotten Security @ForgottenSec @Unallocated @BSidesCharm – MODERATOR

Forgotten serves as President of Unallocated Space, Director of BSidesCharm, Lead for TOOOL Maryland, Head of Security for BSidesDC and a litany of other things. Forgotten is dedicated to learning and improvement and has focuses in Network Security Monitoring, Education/Training, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Capture-the-Flag Challenges (CTFs).


Nischit Vaidya, President/CEO and founder of Argotis, Inc. @argotis

Nischit Vaidya is the President/CEO and founder of Argotis, Inc. a Cybersecurity Consulting and Training firm providing services to the federal government and commercial organizations. He started his career in 1998 working as a desktop support technician moving his way up to starting his own company in 2013. He holds his A.A in from Howard Community College in General Studies, B.Sc from UMUC in Information Assurance, and M.Sc from Capitol Technology University in Information Assurance. Along with running his own company working billable hours as an Information Security Engineer, he’s also been teaching cybersecurity courses at colleges and universities around Maryland; presently for UMUC and online for the University of California Irvine. He’s worked for companies such as SAIC, ManTech, and small companies throughout his nineteen-year career. He’s traveled all over the world supporting government customers in the Intelligence Community, DISA, and Department of Defense.


Kat Sweet, Student Madison Area Technical College @TheSweetKat

Kat Sweet is in her final semester of studying network security at Madison Area Technical College. When she’s not hacking for grades (or lulz), she feeds herself (and her brain) by blue teaming for her school, writing, and teaching at her friendly neighborhood hackerspace. She got her speaking start in the BSidesLV Proving Ground, where she returned last year as a presentation mentor. She currently serves as the CFP co-chair for CircleCityCon, as well as a founding board member of TiaraCon. Her speaking credits include BSidesLV, CircleCityCon, CypherCon, SkyTalks, and the DEF CON Wireless Village. Always accumulating way too many hobbies, she enjoys long walks on the beach, bursting into song, and picking unsuspecting locks.


Caitlyn Hammond, Detection Response Team at Cisco Talos @catehamm

Caitlyn graduated from Towson University in the spring of 2015 with a Bahelors in Computer Science and now works for the Detection Response Team at Cisco Talos where she specializes in exploit kit research and detection. This will be her first time speaking at a conference until later this spring when she gives her first official talk at BsidesCharm!



Panel 3 | Local Accelerators and Incubators Influence Cyber Space in NoVA


Josh Marpet, InfoSec Megaphone  @quadling – MODERATOR

Joshua Marpet is a well known Security Researcher and speaker.  With experience gained from many positions in industries ranging from the Federal Reserve System and law enforcement to cosmetics companies and blacksmithing, Josh has been around the block more than once.


Scott Lyons, Entrepreneur @Csp3r_th3_gh0st

Hacker. Father. Organizer BsidesCharm. Goon BsidesLV, Shmoocon, DEFCON, Etc. Tall Ship Sailor


Cyndi Gula, Gula Tech Adventures @Cindy

Cyndi Gula is s a cyber start up operations expert. She has started and run licensing, human resources, legal, facilities, accounting, marketing and sales operations for both Tenable Network Security and Network Security Wizards. As a Gula Tech Adventures managing partner, she is helping our portfolio companies scale and make important decisions about their organizational structure, recruiting strategy, building a culture, managing their cash flow and having the processes in place to succeed and have fun. Cyndi was appointed to the Howard County Economic Development Board and is a 2016 graduate of the Leadership Howard County class.   She has a Bachelor of Science in Glass Engineering from Alfred University.


Dan Woolley, General Partner at MACH37 @dtw27 @MACH37cyber

Dan Woolley has nearly 40 years of IT industry leadership developing and delivering software and hardware products and building global security consulting organizations. As a General Partner with MACH37 he oversees the 14-week curriculum and daily operations of the nation’s leading cyber security accelerator. Dan is responsible for identifying emerging security entrepreneurs and structuring programs that prepare them to find early stage and venture funding. Prior to joining MACH37 Dan was responsible for managing five of Dell’s seven Strategic Global Alliances as well as Dell’s security domain partners and while at CA Technologies developed and implemented the long range strategic partnership programs for Microsoft and Intel.  A large part of Dan’s career has been centered in the evolving international cyber security world. He has been personally involved in defining cyber security standards for corporate America, established the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis (FS ISAC) and IT ISAC, as well as shaping the development of cyber protection and cyber response organizations at Raytheon,  SAIC ‘s Global Integrity and at Ernst & Young. While managing Ernst and Young’s Information Security Services Mid Atlantic Practice he served as the lead negotiator for a consortium of leading software security companies on the Digital Millennium Copyright Treaty and as the President and CEO of Global Integrity, an SAIC subsidiary, testified before the US Congress on Information Security Threats to the US Corporate Infrastructure.  Dan is retired US Air Force officer and has held multiple assignments at the Pentagon on the staff to the Secretary of the Air Force. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master of Advanced Communications Management from the Annenberg School of Communication, University of Southern California. He is also a graduate of the USAF Air Command Staff College, Squadron Officers School and the Defense Information College.


Jonathan ChashperCEO and Founder of ProductSavvy   @jchashper   @productsavvy

Jonathan holds a baccalaureate in computer science and math, but ask him which teacher influenced his life most and he’ll mention the marketing instructor who totally changed the way he thought about business. He is a recognized technology and business leader offering original insights and a passion for innovation. He has an extensive track record of building and launching successful, high profile software solutions within a range of early-stage and middle-market companies. He brings expertise in product management, product development and product marketing. Jonathan has a B.Sc. in Computer Science & Mathematics from Ben-Gurion University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Since founding ProductSavvyô in 2006, he has helped a wide range of fast growth companies accelerate and strengthen their product capabilities, and build and launch new market offerings. Prior to founding ProductSavvyô, he led software development at AeroScout, a global leader in Wi-Fi-based RFID tags (acquired by Stanley Black & Decker); Earlier in his career he co-founded Netprox an early mobile development startup where he led the product management and product development groups, leveraging his experience gained at Regisoft and Comverse Technologies.