2020 CTF


“Getting Your Hands Dirty CTF” run by Wes Thurner and Barrett Darnell is a beginner-level CTF. This custom built challenge is a great learning opportunity for participants that are curious about CTFs.


Cyber Skyline’s CTF is a self-contained jeopardy style environment with a full-spectrum of challenges and difficulty without the more complex scenarios like pivoting through DMZs and circumventing firewalls and such. 


For the advanced players, Arash is returning with another installment of the all-new, all-custom, Pro-Level CTF with a cash prize for the winning team of $1,500. This CTF is a highly realistic, challenging CTF requiring expert skills both on offense and defense. This year’s twist will be an embedded APT. Once the players get on the boxes, they will have to do some forensics to ensure no one else is already there. Other players will have to evict the other actors (other players and the game’s APT) and close their backdoor to keep their access and continue earning points. This excellent and engaging gameplay is a 2-day team event [03.06.20 10:00AM – 03.07.20 4:00PM] Registered Event – Must purchase ticket to be eligible to participate in this event.