Happy Hour Event

Sponsored by ALTUS Consulting @ALTUS_CC

Held in the Memorials Main Hall @ 5:30-8:30 pm



Altus is proud to sponsor BSidesNoVA Happy Hour again for their 3rd annual conference.

Altus Consulting was founded in 2002 with the express intent to offer Government and Commercial customers the best and brightest technical consultants in the Northern Virginia area.  Altus is focused on finding the right fit in the workplace for their Engineers, as it is their belief that in making smart employees happy, the customer receives unrivaled technical service and expertise.  Altus’ core focus areas are Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Program Management and Cyber Engineering—a combination of all core technical disciplines with a primary focus on security.

Altus Cyber Engineers are experts in areas including information security, computer and network defense, penetration testing and computer forensics. While these descriptions cover a wide range of capabilities, Altus Cyber Engineers are highly technical within their area of expertise and provide a range of products and services including but not limited to: reverse engineering, active and passive malware analysis, incident handling and reporting products, security product development, and red team and blue team services.   Altus Consulting Cyber Engineers are highly creative and slightly devious individuals who ply their talents for good.

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