The Innocent Lives Foundation (ILF) is an international team of highly-qualified technical personnel who work with law enforcement officials to unmask anonymous child predators, and bring them to justice at last.

The volunteers, board of directors, and staff at ILF are making the world and the Internet a safer place for all children in a way that very few other organizations can, due to the intricacies of the effort.

The ILF started with the desire to make a positive impact on behalf of children. Our Founder, Christopher Hadnagy, in connection with work that he was doing for his company Social-Engineer, LLC, worked on cases that helped track and capture predators who trafficked and exploited children. Because of this, he knew he had to make a difference.

Every dollar supporters gift this 501(c)(3) directly fuels their mission to close more cases and protect more children.

To donate, to submit information or questions, and to find out more, please go to