2020 FAQs

Why can’t I transfer my ticket?
– We aren’t sure, it’s set to be able to on our side. If someone gave you a ticket but you weren’t able to transfer, just bring the QR code and you’ll be good to go.

GMU eh? What one?
– Arlington. Yes, Arlington, VA.
This one here >>> 3351 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22201
*Notice the “Arlington” in that address?*

Or here. >>> https://goo.gl/maps/RcyJuKX3gbLLp9P2A
*Huh, yup, still in Arlington, VA*

What is the parking situation?
– There is parking under the building. Yes, it’s paid, but it’s inexpensive. There are also numerous “Colonial Parking” garages nearby. And if all else fails, its going to be a nice day and the GMU campus is located between two metro stations, Virginia Square and Clarendon.

Do the Friday workshop tickets get me access to the Saturday talks?
– No, Friday and Saturday are separate tickets.

Does a workshop ticket for Friday get me access to the Saturday talks?
– No, See above.

I’m headed to “Building Secure Kubernetes Clusters with Identity Management”, what should I bring?

1. Laptop with Firefox (the certs I am generating don’t work with nip.io¬†[1] and chrome for some reason)
2. An ssh client (either putty on windows or openssh on any *nix)

I’m headed to “Cloud Forensics Challenge v.2.0”, what should I bring?

Please ensure that you have the following software installed, either on
your local machine or on a VM.  Alternatively, you may spin up a
t3.medium EC2 instance in AWS (I recommend Windows 2019) and install the software that way.
* TSK/Autopsy
* Wireshark and/or Bro/Zeek
* Volatility and/or Margarita Shotgun
* IdaPro, OllyDBG, or other RE tool
* Log analysis tool(s)
* EXIF Viewer
* Disk imaging tool (FTK Imager should suffice)
* Cryptography ciphers
* OpenStego and/or StegoMagic

The image will be made available via the Conference Workshop organizers
tomorrow.  Please be ready to go by the time the CTF phase starts.
Remember, you will be competing for prizes including one of four decks
of Backdoors and Breaches (along with the 20-sider) from our friends at
Black Hills Infosec.

Please contact me or Joe Klein via Twitter if you have any questions.

I’m headed to “Getting your hands dirty: CTF Workshop”, what should I bring?

Please read the following to ensure you are prepared for the “Getting your hands dirty: CTF Workshop”
– Bring a laptop with wifi capability, power adapter
– Ability to ssh (native client or putty)
– Preferred hacking distro (Kali Linux, pentoo, etc)
– Bring a thinking cap and creativity potions